Elevator Manufacturer Tells You the Precautions for elevator Decoration Design I

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-09-26

In recent years, with the rapid development of urban housing industry, elevators have become one of the indispensable means of transportation for high-rise residential buildings. In particular, some high-end residences, under the premise of meeting the basic traffic functions of the elevators, use modern decoration methods to create a comfortable elevator space environment with visual and psychological feelings. Due to the limitations of functional structure factors, the spatial scale is small, and the four sides are enclosed, giving a sense of oppression and suffocation, which is also a problem that the design needs to solve. The Elevator Manufacturer  Fuji tells you the precautions for the elevator decoration design.

Fuji elevator tells you the elevator car shape design. In the whole decoration process of the passenger elevator, the use of pattern elements for decoration, which does not occupy space, but also plays a better visual effect. Due to the small space, using the method of illusion, using the contrast of points, lines and faces, we will create a "psychological space". At the same time, the use of modern decorative materials and processing techniques to enrich the space level.

Elevator car color matching. The color of the space should mainly meet the functional and spiritual requirements, and the purpose is to make people feel comfortable. In terms of functional requirements, we should first carefully analyze the application properties of each space, such as: residential buildings: aiming at comfort and warmth, and focusing on weak contrast. When designing the color of the elevator space, it is necessary to reflect the sense of stability, rhythm and rhythm, seek change in unity, and seek unity in change.

Decorative design of elevators in residential quarters. Residential elevators are more concerned with the decoration of people of different ages and different cultural qualities. Children's play in the car may collide with the armrest or the car wall; the old man may have difficulty in operating the selection due to bad eyes; people with low quality may smoke in the car causing fire; the drunk may be on the sedan The compartment, the hall door and the control panel are destroyed. In addition, residential elevators may be hit by items such as furniture and bicycles. Therefore, when decorating a residential ladder, the car wall decoration should consider some materials that can be buffered, but it cannot be decorated with flammable materials such as wood. The buttons and floor indicators of the steering wheel in the car should be of appropriate size and choose a more conspicuous color, taking into account their high tamper resistance and safety after being destroyed.