Elevator Manufacturer Tells You the Precautions for Elevator Decoration Design II

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-09-29

There are a lot of precautions about the decoration of the elevator, and the Elevator Manufacturer Fuji continues to give you some help.

Passenger elevator decoration design. Passenger elevators are elevators designed to transport passengers. They are mainly used in hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls and other places with large passenger traffic. Therefore, a variety of materials and color combinations are used. The interior materials are extremely elegant, and the line and shape are all done as much as possible. Emphasis is placed on each of the subtleties, embodying noble and tranquility, luxurious style, solemn elegance, safe and comfortable ride. Space gives a pleasing visual experience. And the use of different color temperature differences and different light source treatment, can be dim yellow warm, bright and brisk, reflecting the different elevator decoration style, to create the best atmosphere for all kinds of environmental requirements.

Medical elevator decoration design. Medical elevator sales must be able to prevent corrosion when selecting materials for decorating the car. Because there are many patients in the medical elevator, it is necessary to disinfect the interior of the car frequently. The interior walls, floors, ceilings, handrails, etc. of the car are exposed to some chemicals, so materials that are resistant to corrosion are required to decorate the interior of the car. Secondly, it is necessary to make appropriate anti-collision buffer treatment for the door door cover and the front wall of the car, so as to protect the door door cover and the front wall of the car, and to reduce the impact when colliding and protect the patient on the bed. In addition, the car's decorative style can not make the patient feel cold and fear, to reflect a warm and comfortable feeling, so that the patient can temporarily forget or reduce the physical pain.

Fuji elevator tells you more villa elevator decoration design. Villa elevator decoration is more personalized, which can fully reflect the owner's personal hobbies, aesthetic concepts, professional scope and other characteristics. The decoration in the car should complement the whole home. The door is decorated with the same opening method as the home decoration door. The color matching and appearance can be integrated into the overall home decoration effect, which makes people feel visually. A fresh and bright atmosphere of the times.