Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-07

With the improvement of the economic development and people's living standards, old buildings to install elevators become increasingly urgent needs of society, people's lives become an important elevator vertical transportation tool, modular steel elevator hoistway integration is the solution of old buildings to install an elevator in the most direct way. It is more urgent to install elevators in existing old buildings. Some wealthy old people can be moved to the elevator buildings, or have already moved to the new high-rise buildings, but most people can't afford the apartment, have to climb stairs in old buildings.

In fact, local authorities have been considering adding elevators to the old building for more than a decade, but so far fewer than 10 old residential buildings have been installed. There are many reasons for slow progress. Two of the biggest difficulties were seeking funds and obtaining approval from the authorities concerned.

It is not easy to add elevators to the old building. Before continuing, at least 90 percent of the residents of the building must agree to install the elevator. Since the first and second floor residents do not need elevators, they are less likely to share the cost. Although most residents living on higher floors want to have elevators, they cannot agree on the cost allocation.

Our elevators are used for historical reasons due to the end of the reserve hoistway both old buildings to install elevators this particular place. Elevator rated speed of not more than 1.5m / s, the rated load of not more than 1000kg, landing no more than 9 floors and lifting height of not more than 40m.

To ensure the safety of the products, based on the manufacturing process technology innovation, steel elevator hoistway and elevator components (such as landing door, hosts, rails, etc.) in the Elevator Manufacturer units will be assembled into one form of standard parts as one of the components of the elevator whole factory. Elevator the small overall footprint, compact structure, the net volume rate, environmentally friendly energy. The frame integrated frame of the elevator, can be decorated according to user satisfaction requirements designed to conform to the architectural style and building renovation needs.