New Technology from Elevator Manufacturer Fuji

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-06

Elevator Manufacturers Fuji produces a variety of different types of elevators, and villa elevators are one of our products. Our villa elevator has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, high cost performance, no bottom pit, no built-in well, beautiful and comfortable. Because it uses the latest technology

The frequency converter system is a key component of the elevator drive system, and the Fuji inverter system uses the world's leading technology. Our products use the most advanced insulated gate bipolar field effect power transistor IGBT, the inverter realizes high-frequency carrier PWM control. This technology greatly reduces the operating sound of the elevator and reduces the energy consumption of the elevator.

With digital speed setting S-curve acceleration/deceleration and torque offset compensation for load changes, it can provide high-precision control and high reliability in long-term operation and temperature fluctuations, especially in the control of speed accuracy It has reached ±0.01% and is recognized as the highest level in the world by the same industry. This advanced drive system provides Fuji Electric with the best power, voltage, and frequency, making the elevator more responsive, smoother and smoother, giving passengers a smoother, more comfortable, warmer, safer and more reliable ride.

China's elevator production will continue to grow steadily in the next few years, with an annual growth rate of 15%-20%. With the continuous development of technology and the continuous implementation of China’s energy saving and emission reduction policies, the proportion of energy-saving elevator production in China’s total elevator output is increasing. Fuji Elevator will continue to explore new technologies, continuously reducing the power consumption of elevators and making elevators more energy efficient.

Today, Fuji is fully cooperating and joint-operating, and it will surely bring more quality elevator products and perfect sales services to customers, creating a more perfect space for you. is always ready to welcome you.