Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Concerns Elevator Safety Management Problem

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-01

Elevator Manufacturers Fuji found some elevator safety problems that existed. Residents lack the necessary safety knowledge of elevator use. Residents mainly have the following three problems: Lack of necessary common sense, wrong operation, especially in the decoration stage, when the decoration workers are overloaded, etc.. Lack of due legal qualities, and does not rule out illegal acts such as vandalism and deliberate blackmail. The quality of their own is not high, the degree of love and attention to public finance is low, and there is a lack of public safety awareness. In some areas, the elevator buttons were artificially damaged, the elevator doors were deformed, the qualified signs and warning signs in the elevators were repeatedly torn, and even more, they were used in the elevators.

There are two cases: collecting property fees as maintenance funds (currently accounting for 70% of such cases), the property company's choice of maintenance units often pursues profit maximization, and selects maintenance units with low service quality at the expense of lowering service quality. The government directly allocates funds to the town, but the management unit is a property company. The fund manager and the specific operator are not uniform. The property cannot guarantee that the maintenance funds of the maintenance unit are in place on time. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of the maintenance of the funds. A vicious circle can easily lead to a mutual push between the property company and the maintenance unit.

Elevators and escalators are one of the safest modes of travel. Fuji elevator is actively involved in the development of code and standards to further enhance the security of the device. We also promote safety by participating in industry associations and provide additional safety devices that exceed the minimum requirements.