Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Concerns Elevator’s Modernization

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-19

Elevator Manufacturers Fuji focuses on continuous improvement of products. The smaller the building space occupied by our elevators, the more space people can use. We continue to improve on the basis of the original products, applying new technologies, so that the space occupied by the elevators is less and less, and the space available for the elevators is not reduced.

Early attempts to minimize the floor space of elevator facilities in high-rise buildings were the basic idea of the double-decker elevators that were first tried in 1932. Each elevator consists of two cars, one for each car, and one for each station. Each site serves two floors.

We need to maintain code compatibility while reducing the size of the elevator, which is the industry challenge recently solved by eliminating the elevator and control room and replacing the machine room (MRL) elevator system in order to cope with these market problems. Today's MRL devices effectively move the mechanical lift mechanism and electronic controller system into the shaft throughout the building structure. Moreover, as all the space occupied by modern elevator machinery and electronic systems has been reduced to optimize the rentable area for residents, the elevator industry is turning its attention to the building components of the elevator system in order to further save space.

Over time, the commercial and residential real estate environment is constantly evolving, and the concept of modernization itself has evolved into two very modern issues: saving time and saving the planet. The elevator requires minimal energy consumption while completing tasks quickly. The modernization of elevators requires elevators to be more energy efficient.

From design to manufacturing, from installation to maintenance, we strive to meet the individual needs of our customers. Fuji Elevator can provide you with customized products to satisfy you. We will use advanced technology to upgrade your elevators to provide customers with a quality experience and more profit.