Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Explains the Structure of the Escalator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-16

Everyone can see the escalator in the supermarket mall. An escalator, also known as an escalator, or an automatic pedestrian elevator, is a fixed electric drive with a recirculating runway for swaying passengers up and down. Understand the structure of the escalator to use it more safely, and the Elevator Manufacturers Fuji explains the structure of the escalator.

The escalator consists of a specially constructed chain conveyor and two specially constructed belt conveyors with a circular ladder for moving a fixed electric drive up or down between different layers of the building. The device tilts the passengers. Continuous conveyor up and down.

The main structure of the escalator is as follows:

Truss: The truss is used to support the overall weight and weight of the passengers and is the overall frame of the escalator.

Main unit (operating brake and accessory brake): The function of the main unit is to drive the overall work, driven by the various parts of the escalator to normal operation.

Ladder system: mainly used to control cascade and cascade chain trajectory, control elevator running speed and altitude.

Railings (coaming and coaming anti-pinch devices, inner and outer covers, wall panels): The main function of the railings is to ensure that passengers have safety problems while riding.

Handrail device: Allows passengers to ride bicycles when there are handrails, especially for children and the elderly.

Cascading chain: The function of the cascading chain is to connect each step so that each run can run normally according to its orbit.

Comb and support plate (front plate): Set at the entrance of the escalator to allow passengers to safely escalate.

Maintenance cover and floor (bed cover): set at the exit of the escalator.

These structures are all regularly cleaned and maintained. Always scrub the handrail with a cloth cleaner. When scrubbing the handrail, do not scrub during the escalator operation. This is very dangerous. After the power failure, carefully scrub with a rag, scrub and then run the escalator model so that the lower side of the armrest is on the escalator. Then gradually clean up all. Fuji reminds you that good maintenance habits help the long run of the escalator.