Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Has been Protecting the Safety of Elevators

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-14

With the development of the city, the use of elevators will increase in the future. Elevator Manufacturers are increasingly important to the development of the city.

In 1950, rural populations accounted for 70% of the global population but by 2050, urban populations will account for nearly the same percentage. Cities are thus becoming the economic centers of the world and as they grow, limited space means that there is only one direction to expand in: upwards. As they create a small footprint and allow for more urban green spaces, the ecological and economic benefits of high-rise buildings have proven to be a decisive factor in the development of megacities. Elevator manufacturers have designed elevators for these buildings that are faster than ever. At the same time, we have to pay attention to the safety of the elevator.

Lifts that are lifted by hoisting ropes require the installation of a platform "safety device" that is used to clamp the steel rails at start-up and to quickly stop the elevator. The safety device normally installed under the car platform is driven by the governor through the rope. In the case of excessive downward movement of the car, the rope pulls the safety device to the on position. The device first cuts off the elevator power supply; if the speed is too fast, the safety brake is applied.

Due to today’s advances in building design and elevator technology, working elevators don’t become inoperable in fire situations, trapping passengers as the environment becomes untenable. There isn’t necessarily a serious loss of power to the building or a shutdown of the elevator system due to intrusion of water into the elevator shafts, capturing passengers engulfed by smoke or fire.

With a few exceptions, the elevator car is a fireproof, well ventilated structure. For persons using wheelchairs or those with a limited capacity to use exit stairs, elevators are really the only viable option in emergency circumstances. Still, using elevators to evacuate non-disabled building occupants in building fires remained an idea outside of the norm.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the elevator is also an important task. When something goes wrong, original manufacturers can address the uncertainty and modernization needs of existing elevator equipment. These companies should be able to analyze the building's traffic and elevator services to determine the capabilities of current elevator equipment, safeguard the safety of the elevator.