Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Helps You Choose a Villa Elevator I

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-09-19

Elevator Manufacturers Fuji can help you choose a villa elevator. Many villa families are considering renovating the house and intend to install a home elevator and a villa elevator. However, at the beginning of the design, the elevator shaft space is not reserved. How can we perfectly put the elevator into the house? Does it affect the overall beauty? Generally speaking, it is determined according to the internal layout of the house and the remaining space of the house. If there is no space at all in the stairwell, you can design a home elevator and a villa elevator to be installed on the side of the wall.

You can choose a bottomless pit design. Re-drilling the well, making major adjustments to the internal structure of the house, and then using the glass hoistway in selecting the elevator materials. It is more beautiful and the decoration of the car can also pay attention to some overall coordination. Then, after the completion of the project, the overall effect can be seen. Some elevators use the family to hide the elevator, leaving only one door, which is very beautiful and practical.

The skill standards of villa elevators and public passenger elevators are very different. The elevator load of the villa can not exceed 400kg, and the common elevators are 630kg, 800kg, etc. The elevator speed of the villa cannot exceed 0.4m/s. The top level is the vertical distance between the highest level of the elevator car floor and the most outstanding members under the roof of the hoistway.

The height is not the height of the floor. It refers to the stroke of the elevator. If the distance between the first floor and the second floor is 3 meters, the height is increased by 3 meters instead of 6 meters. The height does not include the height of the pit and the top floor. The height does not exceed 12m. The landing refers to the number of floors that the elevator passes and the number of stops. For example, the four-story and three-station means that there is a layer. The most common villa elevator is the third floor of the ground. The door opening height, the net opening height is generally 2m, 2.1m, in the rough room to measure the height to reduce the thickness of the decorative finish, the specific scale should be specifically communicated with the designer.