Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Launches Elevator Energy-Saving Technology

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-08-25

Elevator Manufacturers Fuji is producing efficient elevators for mid-rise buildings, which are very energy efficient. These traction elevators have improved control, hardware and other systems that not only use less energy, but are also more compact, efficient, even capable of generating electricity, and can be used.

Mid-rise buildings usually have geared or gearless traction elevators that can be operated at high speed or shifting. An energy-saving retrofit recently offered by Fuji Elevator is a double-deck elevator. They are two taxis, one parked on the ground and the other parked in a strange place. They can reduce the overall energy consumption of the building by reducing the number of stops, and can even reduce the total number of elevators required for destination dispatch control.

Although the number of individual buildings is relatively small, the total amount is large. In general, hydraulic elevators used in relatively low-rise buildings are much less efficient than traction elevators used in mid-rise buildings. New technologies, including software, can increase elevator efficiency by approximately 30-40%.

Regeneration drives are another major advancement in energy efficient elevator technology. They recycle energy instead of wasting it as heat. The regenerative drive system recovers the energy normally dissipated as heat and puts it back into the electrical system of the building. This technology not only provides power for lighting and air conditioning, but also saves money by reducing the need for indoor cooling. Recycled drives reduce peak power consumption and help improve the overall operating platform of the building.

When the cab is lightly loaded and the load is heavy, the system produces more power than it uses. Over time, these small amounts of power generated during the sporadic deceleration of each elevator have a significant significant savings. They use less energy than non-regenerative drives and reduce excess heat in buildings.

Manufacturer Fuji is also improving energy use in other systems, such as cab lighting, fans, doors, brakes and elevator controls. Fuji Elevator uses efficient LED lights in the cab panel, overhead and floor indicators. They include a door drive motor that can enter standby mode, or can be effectively restored from the power source when not in use. These motors also support variable door opening and closing times and consider their energy usage in the overall control strategy.