Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Pays Attention to Elevator Inspection

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-10-30

Regular inspection of the elevator: The elevator shall conduct a regular safety inspection every year. The elevator user shall, in accordance with the periodic inspection requirements of the safety technical specifications, submit the periodic inspection requirements to the special equipment inspection agency within one month after the safety inspection has passed the limited period. After the inspection agency receives the periodic inspection requirements, it shall conduct safety performance inspection and energy efficiency test in time according to the requirements of the safety technical specifications. Elevator Manufacturers Fuji pays attention to elevator inspection.

Nine safety warnings by elevator:

1. Do not kick, squat, squat, or slab (hall) when waiting for (elevator) elevator: passengers kick, squat, squat, and slab (hall) when ho (passing) the elevator, passengers may fall into the hoistway Or the danger of being cut by the car, causing personal injury.

2. The use unit shall not put into use the elevator with fault or unqualified inspection: the use unit shall continue to put the elevator into use if the elevator has not eliminated the fault or passed the inspection, and there is a high possibility of casualty.

3. The user must not hand over the elevator triangle key to the non-elevator operation permit. The non-certified operator can use the elevator triangle key to open the hall door without training. It is possible that the elevator car is not in the floor. In the case of crossing into the hoistway, causing personnel to fall accidents.

4. Do not squeeze into the car or move in when the elevator is overloaded. The passenger will still squeeze into the car or move in after the elevator overload alarm. This will cause the elevator to not close the door and affect the operation efficiency. If the situation is serious, the traction rope will slip. The car slipped and even caused accidents such as personnel cutting.

5. How to dispose of when trapped in the elevator: Don't panic when trapped in the elevator. You should immediately call the alarm device or call the 24-hour call for help, and wait patiently in the car for rescue and leveling out. If you rush to get out of trouble by smashing, smashing, or kicking the door, there may be an accident.

6. Do not take elevators (or lifts) that expressly prohibit people from carrying people: take elevators (or lifts) that expressly prohibit people from carrying people. Because such equipment does not have the basic safety conditions for passengers, it is easy to cause people to squeeze and cut. Such as casualties.

7. Don't play, play, jump in the elevator: The passengers play, play, and beat in the elevator car during the running process, which is particularly likely to cause the elevator safety device to malfunction, causing "sleepy people" and casualties.

8. Do not enter or exit the car during or during the elevator operation: During the operation or closing of the elevator, if the passenger runs (goes out) from the elevator car, it is prone to shearing accidents.

9. Don't let the children take the elevator alone: the child can take the elevator alone without the supervision of the adult. The elevator button can not be operated correctly, which will cause it to be locked in the elevator car, especially in the case of elevator failure. Get in touch, get no timely rescue, and prone to accidents.