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Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-13

When your building needs to install an elevator or escalator, Elevator Manufacturers Fuji can give you some advice. For super high-rise buildings with large passenger flow, the buildings can be divided into 2 to 4 adjacent layer areas in the height direction. Each floor area has an air waiting hall, that is, there are 1 to 3 air halls. Each layer area can be further divided into several layers, which are served by one or more ladder groups. A direct high-speed elevator service is provided between each air hall and the main station of the building, and a double or multi-storey car elevator can be used. In this way, the elevators in each floor area do not need to use the main station of the building as the base station, and the air hall as the base station, so that the elevators in different floor areas can share one vertical shaft, which saves the layout space of the well.

The stratified and stratified areas should be considered: for the rented office building to avoid the same tenant crossing different layers and tiers; for the company-specific building, pay attention to the department setting; for the floor with the canteen or large meeting room, it is better to set the following Multiply the layer. High-speed elevators are used for direct access to floors with large public service areas such as sightseeing halls and open-air halls.

Pay attention to the problem of the overlap between the elevator floor and the pit of the lowest floor and the highest floor of each floor zone and the adjacent floor zone, and if necessary, set the relay layer. When the number of people in the building and its distribution change greatly, it is difficult to re-segment or stratification.

High-end elevator brands will emphasize how advanced their technology is. Domestic large elevator brands will emphasize that they use advanced technology of a high-end brand. The brand-name elevator brand will tell you what brand of elevator is similar, debugging is very important. Choosing an elevator is mainly to choose the configuration and function of your building within your own budget. Fuji elevator learn from the market and we know the market needs, and we provide you suitable and quality elevators.