Elevator Manufacturers Fuji Tells You More about Elevators

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-12

Hengda Fuji is a professional Elevator Manufacturers. Let us tell you some knowledge about elevators. For high-rise buildings with large passenger flow, the building is often divided into several adjacent intervals in the height direction, and each interval is composed of adjacent floors. Each interval is exclusively serviced by one or more elevator groups, and sometimes one elevator serves all floors from the ground floor to the highest floor. The elevators in the upper section are directly connected to the main station of the building for direct and fast operation below the lowest floor of the service.

The elevator speed in the lower section is lower, and the elevator speed in the upper section is higher. The advantages of the stratified section are: reducing the number of possible stops and shortening the time used for one round trip; the higher-level section can use the higher-speed elevator; the floor area of the upper part of the lower-level elevator machine room can be utilized, and the high-rise section of the fast-moving section can be used. The hall can be used (of course, at least one well safety door should be considered every 11m); the total number of halls is reduced, which reduces equipment costs (such as hall costs).

Fuji elevator knows the advanced nature of the elevator is mainly reflected in the drag and control technology. The VVVF frequency modulation and speed regulation technology is the energy-saving and efficient drag technology promoted by various manufacturers. The microcomputer control system realizes intelligent control of the elevator. In the use, the failure rate is low, the reliability is high, and the anti-interference is strong. The comfort mainly refers to the sensory influence of the acceleration, vibration, noise, decoration, lighting and other indicators of the elevator on the person. The noise is mainly generated by the traction machine, and the traction machine with low noise is selected. The excellent control system can reduce the vibration and increase the comfort.