Elevator Manufacturers Improved the Hospital Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-24

Elevator Manufacturers improved the lack of the hospital elevator, fujihd is one of them. As more and more fujihd elevators are used in medical facilities, we are constantly improving the performance of elevators to meet more customer's needs.

Every day there is such a phenomenon. Visitors and employees of health care organizations are waiting for elevators to be found only when the door is open and the hospital elevator is occupying the hospital elevator. Not only for those who wait for the elevator, it is annoying, and now the patient has to wait longer to reach the operating room or other destination.

For bed patients, when no one enters, the elevator doors are constantly open and may be embarrassing. If people decide to squeeze the hospital bed in the hospital elevator, the patient will feel more embarrassed. The efficiency of the system used in each hospital is not high and there is a need for a way to eliminate unnecessary elevator stations. Some elevator companies have developed a system to solve this problem. The system uses a sensor to identify the bed on board, and the elevator will not stop on the required floor. The simple and efficient system uses three TPS sensors on the ceiling of the elevator and the evaluation unit installed on the roof.

The triangulation sensor monitors the interior of the elevator car and launches two separate beams. This allows the sensor to distinguish between passengers and beds according to height differences. Once the bed is detected, the sensor tells the hospital elevator controller to send the elevator car directly to the floor. This eliminates unnecessary stops on the way. The TPS bed detection system increases the privacy and comfort of hospital patients traveling between beds and between floors. The system does not require a key switch, transponder card or destination selection control. This new elevator technology will make hospital elevators more efficient for everyone.

When discussing cross-contamination problems in hospitals, there are often minor problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, one of every 25 patients has a hospital-acquired infection and the discovery of these hidden sources is a key issue. Seemingly harmless objects such as computer keyboards and screens are active sources of bacteria. The researchers found that 61% of the elevator buttons had a large number of bacteria. Thrombin-negative Staphylococcus is the most common form of bacteria on the button. The problem is that even if the regular cleaning, like the surface of the elevator button will carry bacteria. It would be helpful to improve hygiene by placing a hand sanitizer on or near the elevator. In addition, we need to strengthen hand-washing education to reduce risk.

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