Elevator Manufacturers Provides Good Service to Users

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-24

Elevator Manufacturers fujihd provides goods service to help users improve.

No user likes to wait in the elevator for a long time. Therefore, the ability to respond quickly is critical to a good maintenance unit. When receiving the emergency service call, the good maintenance unit should not only arrive at the fault spot quickly, but also need to troubleshoot and restore the normal use of the elevator.

Generally speaking, a good maintenance unit should be able to reach the site within half an hour of receiving the emergency call. Urgent repairs are required within one hour. In most cases, field faults shall be excluded in a matter of hours unless the main other parts, such as motor and main circuit board, are replaced or repaired.

When the user selects a elevator maintenance units, not only depends on whether the unit has sufficient maintenance workers and professional skills, but also look at the scene encountered difficult problems when the unit's ability to provide strong support, such as whether there is a field engineer or factory R&D engineers to the scene in the diagnosis of intractable diseases, software upgrade or on-site modify parameters, etc.

A good maintenance unit should provide qualified elevator spare parts in time. In general, the small spare parts commonly used should be in the field or maintenance of stock in the car; Large spare parts such as motor, traction machine and control board should be stored centrally and sent to the site as soon as necessary. In addition, a good maintenance unit should ensure that the tools and instruments required for replacement of large spare parts are ready and reliable.

Good maintenance services should help users to improve. The user has the opportunity to upgrade the elevator's technical level to meet the new standard, new function and new environment. With the increasing popularity of elevators in China, the importance of elevator maintenance is improving, and Fuji elevator hope that the above analysis of the elevator will be able to play a role as a leading role in the development of the elevator.