Elevator Manufacturers Reduce Energy Consumption in Villa Elevators

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-10-27

In today's people's quality of life has improved significantly, villa elevators have been used as luxury goods, and now they are gradually being widely used, but everyone is also thinking about a problem.How to minimize the energy consumption of villa elevators, this is not just for consumers to consider, Elevator Manufacturers Fuji has been trying to explore this issue.

The drive system uses a permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine. The rotor of the permanent magnet synchronous motor has no current, and there is no rotor wear problem, which is generally 45% to 60% lower than that of the asynchronous motor. And there is no low-efficiency, high-energy worm gear drive pair, and energy consumption can be further reduced. In the group ladder arrangement with fewer stops, one host drives two cars to run up and down respectively, which is an energy-saving scheme. Another way to reduce energy consumption is to control energy consumption during elevator operation. The regenerative energy is fed back to the power grid by using the characteristics of the power generation state of the motor when the elevator is idling up and the load is full, and the energy saving measure is effective on the high speed ladder.

There is also an energy saving solution that will be implemented in software control. For example, to establish a real-time controlled traffic mode, try to carry more passengers with fewer runs, and minimize the number of stops in the elevator. The floor entry passenger registration scheme that combines the elevator call and the car command is a revolutionary technology of the elevator control mode, which makes the target layer unknown to the passengers on the original landing station clear, so that the control system's dispatch efficiency is maximized.

Another measure to reduce the energy consumption of the running process is to set the acceleration and deceleration mode in the elevator operation to a variable parameter, that is, the speed, acceleration and acceleration rate curve of the elevator control system change with the running distance, and also with the car. The load change of the car is simulated by simulation software to determine the optimal running curve between different floors.

Take advantage of the elevator machine room on the roof and make full use of solar energy as a supplementary energy source for the elevator. The reduction of energy consumption in villa elevators has very important practical significance. It is not something that everyone wants to do, but does not want to do it, but every elevator manager has the responsibility to do things. So I hope everyone can pay attention to this.