Elevator manufacturer's safety knowledge

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-13

With the use of more and more high-rise buildings and more and more elevators, elevators have become part of the lives of urban residents. How to use the elevator is correct and safe? Elevator Manufacturers Fuji gives some practical advice.

For those who take the elevator, a civilized and safe ride is the main means to avoid danger and failure. In the hospitals, high-rise residential elevators and other units with high frequency and density, many people need to take the elevator every day. The people in the elevator are excessively concentrated. When the elevator has already displayed "full load" (overload), there are often individuals pushing and entering, which will affect the normal operation of the elevator. If this happens for a long time, accidents will inevitably occur. Therefore, the public must constrain themselves according to the number of elevator instructions, and try to be less than the maximum number to ensure safety.

When the elevator encounters difficulties and is trapped in the elevator, stay calm and comfort the people together. Explain to everyone that there is no danger and the elevator will not fall off the elevator. There is an anti-fall safety device on the elevator slot that can firmly clamp the rails on both sides of the elevator. The safety device will not malfunction. Use your alarm clock or walkie-talkie or cell phone for help. If you cannot find an elevator maintenance person immediately, call an outsider to call a firefighter. Firefighters usually twist or lift the elevator to the nearest floor and open the door. Even if there is a power outage, firefighters can use manual actuators to twist the elevator up and down. Do not try to force open the elevator door.

The most basic source of safety for elevators is elevator supervisors, such as construction managers. As the competent department of the elevator, it is necessary to regularly inspect the elevators to eliminate hidden dangers and strengthen the safety management of the elevators. For elevator employees, regular elevator maintenance should be performed according to maintenance regulations. Once a problem has arisen, the relevant records have been eliminated and maintained. The maintenance organization should perform an overhaul of the elevator every two weeks to prevent it from completing.