Elevator Manufacturers Share How To Ask For Help In A Trapped Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 19-02-13

The Elevator Manufacturers shares the emergency rescue measures and the after-sales handling work of the elevator use management unit:

First, elevator emergency rescue measures

1. Call for help through the alarm bell, intercom system, mobile phone or the prompt mode in the elevator car. If there are patients or other critical situations in the elevator car, the rescuer should be informed.

2. Keep a certain distance from the elevator car door or the opened car door to listen to the management personnel.

3. Do not lift the elevator car door or climb the safety window before the rescuer arrives at the scene. Do not extend any part of the body outside the elevator car.

4, to maintain calm can do knee flexion to reduce the unsuitable for the emergency stop of the elevator.

Second, the after-treatment work of the elevator use management unit

1. If there is a serious injury to the passenger, the emergency report should be reported according to the accident reporting procedure.

2. Learn from the passengers about the cause of the accident. Assist in the relevant evidence collection work.

3. In the case of elevator failure, the elevator maintenance and repair unit should be urged to check and repair as soon as possible.

4. Submit the report of faults and accidents to relevant departments in a timely manner.