Elevator Manufacturers Tell you How Energy-Efficient Elevators are Rated

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-07

Energy-saving elevator registration assessment, can be similar to household appliances using five-level system, or AAA, AA, A, B, C five-level system. The exchange of two-speed elevator if C-class, then the worm VVVF turbine can be Class B, permanent magnet synchronous host power than the worm and the worm, so the use of permanent magnet synchronous host VVVF elevator can be included in the A-level.

To get an AA level elevator, it must be able to save more power than a permanent magnet synchronous motor elevator.

The AAA-level elevator which is the world's most advanced energy-saving technology and application of elevator products.According to the above situation and the actual use of elevators, we propose the following energy-saving elevator rating criteria hard reference

AAA: Permanent magnet synchronous host, VVVF control technology, elevator power generation utilization up to 30-35%, does not directly impact the power grid. Such elevator energy-saving effect, no impact on the grid, is truly mature third-generation energy-saving elevator.

AA: Permanent magnet synchronous host, VVVF control, can make use of elevator power generation, such as energy feedback, but energy feedback must comply with national grid access conditions, with the technology of rectifying elevator energy and stabilizing electric energy to the sine wave without harmful to the grid Impact. Energy feedback utilization rate of 20-25%, this type of elevator into the third generation of energy-efficient elevator, but it belongs to the third category of energy-saving elevator access threshold.

A: permanent magnet synchronous host, VVVF control, large-scale promotion of this type of elevator has been used for nearly 10 years, and sales are increasing year by year, the market share increased every year, the province of power consumption, but also the protection of the environment than the worm Elevator is good, is now the mainstream products, will also continue to increase share. This type of elevator is the second generation of energy-saving elevator.

B: Turbine worm mainframe, VVVF control, this kind of elevator motor power is relatively large, but energy-saving than AC two-speed, is the first generation of energy-saving elevator technology, but is gradually reducing production. The market also continues to have sales, before the elevator's mainstream products.

B-C: AC two-speed control, turboprop main engine, PLC or older control, this type of elevator is mainly old elevator and freight elevator.

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