Elevator Safety System of Passenger Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-11-20

In the elevator, passenger safety is the most important. The certified passenger elevator offers a variety of safety features.

Overspeed governor: In order to protect the elevator not exceed the rated speed, all elevators must use the speeding device called governor. If the elevator runs at more than 40% of the design speed, it will start and stop the elevator. This design is intended for elevator cars traveling downwards. In the case of overspeed, this activates the safety block of the elevator car, clogging the car with the guide rail. This safety block is also able to hold the elevator car in place, even in the case of very rare and extreme breakage of the main rope.

Overtravel protection: Set up the electronics and more than one mechanical limit switch on the terminal floor, the lobby and the top floor, to ensure that the elevator will not exceed the limit of travel and impact the ceiling upwards or downwards.

Door and door lock: The axis of elevator movement is a gap. Passengers standing on any floor can protect this space through the landing gate. Floor to door provides mechanical and electrical safety.

Overload sensors: Each elevator is equipped with sensors to monitor the passenger load in the elevator. If the load exceeds the rated capacity, the elevator will give an alarm and will not take any instructions

Light Curtain: This is an electronic device at the door entrance to detect the movement of passengers in the vehicle. The detector retracts the door when it closes when it senses an obstacle

Automatic Rescue Equipment: This is a battery-powered device that helps the apartment elevator reach the nearest floor and stop when a power outage occurs. This helps save passengers when necessary.

Emergency alarm: Each elevator is equipped with a battery-powered emergency alarm, if someone trapped in the elevator, he / she can press the button in the elevator to attract attention

Emergency Light: One of all lights in the elevator car requires battery or UPS support so that the light will continue to provide the necessary lighting when the power is off.