Elevator Supplier Fuji is Improving the Escalator Drive System

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-10-07

Escalators are common in many public places and they have become an indispensable tool in our lives. Escalators/automated walkway trusses are structural steel or tubular steel shaped components that form a support structure. The truss is usually divided into three parts: the upper part, the middle part and the lower part. Safe and reliable drive system performance has always been a basic requirement for Elevator Supplier.

Most modern elevator motors operate through variable frequency drives (VFDs) for AC motors and DC controllers (usually with silicon controlled rectifiers, but recently for DC motors, insulated gate bipolar transistors to control motor/elevator speed. Motor Control They can save up to 55% in energy costs, but they also generate a lot of electrical and noise. This electrical noise is manifested as a “voltage spike” that can cause a lot of grooves, frosting, lubrication damage and other damage to the bearings.

The new technology drive system is about 94% efficient and uses planetary gearing to eliminate the handrail drive chain, messy oiling and synchronization problems. The planetary gears are synthetically lubricated and run 30,000 hours before the oil needs to be replaced, about twice as many as conventional systems. The simpler design makes the maintenance of the escalator more convenient.

The amount of traffic on the escalator and the load on the escalator can also have a large impact on the energy returned. It is ideal to have a large number of passengers at the subway station and airport and operate at 24/7 speed and provide the best return. A minimum load escalator or an escalator that is used only for a small amount of time will not provide a good return on investment for the line regeneration system.

In view of the global energy use and sustainable development trends in the industry, Fuji Elevator hopes that the drive system will be lighter, more energy efficient and easier to maintain and lubricate.