Elevator Supplier Reminds Precautions For Cleaning Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-12-26

High - rise residence is a common floor type in the society. The necessary equipment in high-rise buildings is elevators. The normal use of elevators requires regular cleaning and maintenance. The cleaning and cleaning of elevator cars mainly include the cleaning of elevator doors, car inner walls, car inner slots, car floors, etc. The cleaning of elevators is not only strict but also very important. Elevator Supplier to see what matters need to be paid attention to in cleaning the elevator.

The cleaning and cleaning work of elevator car mainly includes the cleaning of the elevator door, car inner wall, car door inner slot, car floor, etc. It is generally cleaned once a day and the daily cleaning tour can be carried out. The number of times of daily cleaning tour can be determined according to the size of people flow and specific standard requirements.

First, cleaning procedures

Preparation + cleaning car inner wall - cleaning car door inner slot, car floor - cleaning elevator car door + checking and sorting. In the process of cleaning the elevator car, it is generally carried out from top to bottom and from inside to outside.

second, Cleaning Methods

The cleaning of the elevator car should be arranged at night or at a time when the traffic volume is low, and should generally be carried out before the cleaning of the connected floors. The operation method is as follows:

1. Preparation

( 1 ) Prepare the necessary tools and appliances, such as rags, dry towels, buckets, cleaners, brooms, mops, dust suction machines and carpets to be replaced as required.

( 2 ) notify the elevator worker to stop the elevator operation and cut off the power supply.

2. Clean the inner wall of the car

( 1 ) Immerse the cloth in the bucket where the detergent is prepared, pick it up, screw it dry, and wipe it hard from top to bottom along the inner wall of the car.

( 2 ) if the wall is stained with stubborn dirt or stains, it can be wiped back and forth with a shovel or directly sprayed with detergent.

( 3 ) with another cloth soaked in water, twist dry wipe. After cleaning the cloth forever, wring it dry and wipe it thoroughly again.

( 4 ) wipe off the elevator button and display screen with a semi-dry and wet towel.

( 5 )The car ceiling can be cleaned once a week. The cleaning method of other parts is the same as that of the car inner wall, except that the mirror surface of the lighting lamp and the camera probe should be cleaned gently with a semi-dry and wet towel.

3. Clean the car door inner slot and car floor

( 1 ) Hook up the sundries in the car door slot with iron hooks, or use a dust suction machine to clean the sand grains in the car door slot.

( 2 ) if the car floor is covered with carpets that are replaced every day, just lift the old carpet up, mop the car floor with a semi-dry mop, and lay a clean carpet after the moisture evaporates.

( 3 ) if the car floor is a fixed carpet, the sand and debris on the floor can be sucked clean by a dust suction machine and cleaned once a week with a carpet machine and detergent.

( 4 ) If the car floor is made of wood or synthetic plastic, it can be mopped with wetland and detergent, then with clean water, and finally with dry floor mopping.

4. Clean the elevator car door

( 1 ) The material of elevator car door is generally stainless steel. Spray a little stainless steel spray first, then wipe it with a cotton soft cloth from top to bottom to make the elevator car door clean and bright.

( 2 ) After the cleaning operation, look around the whole elevator car again to check if there are any omissions or incomplete cleaning. If there are any, makeup immediately and finally notifies the elevator worker to restart the elevator.

5. a tour cleaning method

Under the condition of normal operation of the elevator, clamp up the garbage or sundries on the elevator floor for towel wiping buttons, display screens, and smudge marks.