Elevator Supplier Share Knowledge Of Elevator Fire Safety That Needs To Be Mastered

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 19-01-23

The frequency of elevator failures is getting higher and higher. After people are trapped in the elevator, the most important thing is not the rescue process. Instead, they contact the outside world in the shortest time to seek rescue. Here, once trapped inside the elevator, the Elevator Supplier  reminds everyone to do the following:

First, when the speed of the elevator suddenly increases or loses control, don't panic, pull the elevator armrest or lean on the inside of the elevator, or lie in a side angle position in the elevator, hold your head with both hands, try to keep balance.

Second, trapped in the elevator, should be kept calm, immediately contact the management staff with the alarm bell, walkie-talkie or telephone in the elevator, or call 119 for help, waiting for external rescue. If the alarm is not valid, you can make a loud call or hit the elevator door with a hard sole.

3. In the case that the elevator door cannot be opened temporarily, do not climb out easily or climb out from the skylight to prevent the elevator from suddenly starting. It should be assisted by professional rescue personnel. After the power is shut down, it can escape from the skylight. When the elevator in operation is flooded, the elevator should be opened to the top floor and the maintenance personnel should be notified.

4. If there is an emergency such as an earthquake, fire, or water in the elevator on the way, the elevator should be stopped at the nearest floor and quickly use the fire passage or stairs to escape.

5. When taking the elevator, be careful not to overload. When overloading, the alarm bell in the elevator will ring, and the overloaded passenger should consciously wait for the elevator; if the passenger forcibly squeezes into the elevator at this time, the situation may cause the sling rope to slip. The elevator car fell and fell.