Energy-saving Technology of Elevator Company

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 17-12-15

With the continuous expansion of modern production scale and continuous improvement of people's living standards, the contradiction between supply and demand of electric power has become increasingly prominent, and the call for electricity saving has been on the rise. Relevant statistics show that the motor drag load consumes more than 70% of the total power consumption. Therefore, motor drag system to save energy has a particularly important social significance and economic benefits.

The first category is to improve the operating efficiency of the motor drive system, such as fan, pump speed is to improve the efficiency of load operation as the goal of energy-saving measures, such as elevator traction machine inverter speed control instead of asynchronous motor speed regulator is Energy-saving measures aimed at improving motor operating efficiency. The second category is the movement of the load on the mechanical energy (bit energy, kinetic energy) through the energy feedback converter into electrical energy (renewable energy) and back to the AC grid for use by other nearby electrical equipment so that the motor drag system in unit time Consumption of power consumption decreased, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

When the Escalator Manufacturer reaches the maximum operating speed, it will have the largest mechanical function after the elevator company runs with frequency control. The elevator will gradually decelerate until it reaches the target level until the elevator company stops moving. This process is the process of releasing the mechanical functions of the elevator traction machine. In addition, the elevator is also a bit of energy load, in order to drag the load evenly, the elevator traction by the traction machine load by the passenger car and counterweight balance component, only when the car load of about 50% (1 Ton passengers carrying passengers for 7 or so), the car and the counterweight balance before they balance, otherwise, the car and the counterweight will have poor quality balance, so that when the elevator produces a bit of mechanical energy.