Selection for Hotel Elevators from Fuji Elevator Manufacturer

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-04-20

Hengda Fuji Elevator Manufacturer are mainly several kinds of elevator equipment: machine room elevator, room-less elevator, sightseeing elevator, hydraulic elevator, escalator, electric sidewalk, automatic three-dimensional garage, etc. The hotel by the use of the main types are divided into: passenger elevator and the staff elevator (or passenger ladder).

Passenger elevator is now most room elevator passenger elevator use control and frequency modulation, voltage regulation, speed control computer (VVVF) technology. It has the following characteristics. High reliability: Microcomputer control and realize the contactless control, simplifies the hoistway information system, ensure the high precision, high reliability, low failure rate of elevator. The operation is safe and comfortable, and the seat is comfortable. Fast energy saving, compared with the AC elevator and the DC elevator, the thrifty energy is about 30%-40%, and the capacity of the power equipment required for the building is reduced by about 20%. Digital layer selection, the level of the flat layer is higher. VVVF technology is stable and mature, and the maintenance is simple. Often use the main technical parameters: Passenger number: 6-20 rated load: 450-1350 kg running speed of 0.75-2.5 M / S B) machineroomless elevator equipment in use is more understanding for the majority of the people have room elevator.

However, in recent years, the use of room-less elevators is becoming more and more wide. The room-less elevator has the following characteristics. The traction motor uses butterfly motor and is installed in the top elevator shaft, and does not need to occupy the other building area as the machine room. The power control cabinet is set on the top floor of the building, which is convenient for maintenance. The speed of operation is 1 meters per second. The application range of the room-less elevator is below. It is necessary to use the roof of the roof of the building, such as a tennis court or a swimming pool on the roof. The building roof has the shape or the sloping roof, such as villas, resort and so on. It is not easy to set up the elevator machine room places, such as hotels, hotel affiliated buildings, stone. Sightseeing elevator in hotels, large shopping malls are used more. According to the characteristics of the building, the situation and installation method of the sightseeing elevator are different.