Escalator Company Fuji Concerns Elevator Safety Management Problem

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-30

Although elevators are used more and more widely in our daily life, the safety awareness of elevators are not enough. Safety is an important issue. No one should ignore safety problem which connects all of us. Escalator Company fuji concerns this, and the details are as the followings.

The laws and regulations are not perfect and the subject of responsibility is not clear. There are no special laws and regulations to stipulate the procurement, responsibility main body, supervision duties, daily maintenance, maintenance and repair fund management, and safe use knowledge publicity of the relocated residential elevators, which leads the developers to choose from the perspective of cost saving according to their respective financial strengths. The quality of elevators of different brands is difficult to guarantee, and the registration subject is unknown, resulting in unclear management subjects and inadequate maintenance.

The contradiction between the lack of supervision by the government regulatory authorities and the increasing number of relocated residential elevators has become increasingly apparent. The daily inspections, data statistics, program summaries, personnel certification, registration and handling of complaints and reports of special equipment have made the supervision department daily. The supervision is not good enough, and it is difficult to effectively supervise and manage elevators, property companies, and maintenance units.

The social forces of property companies and maintenance units lack responsibility and initiative for the safety management of elevators. In order to shirk their responsibilities for each other's interests, there are serious safety hazards in elevator safety management. In particular, the source of maintenance funds is not clear and difficult to manage.

We have improved the safety of Fuji products and services through our strict attention to our design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance processes. Our employees and subcontractors, as well as our customers and those who use our equipment, promote security measures.