Escalator Company Fuji Pays Attention to Elevator Safety with You

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-07-27

With the continuous advancement of China's urban-rural integration process, the peasant's lifestyle has undergone a fundamental change. They have moved into a new type of urban community and community buildings from a single-small courtyard, which has promoted the increasing number of residential building construction floors and new towns. The elevator also appeared on their side. Escalator Company Fuji has been paying attention to the safety of elevators.

The use of elevators in community homes has increased. As one of the important means of transportation for people, elevators bring convenience to people, and the incidence of elevator safety accidents is also increasing. How to ensure the safety of elevators and make them more effective for everyone, more and more become us the issues that everyone is concerned about.

Residential elevators are designed and developed specifically for use in residential buildings. The use of advanced elevator technology at home and abroad, the production of a new full-computer, modular control of variable frequency speed (VVVF) elevator. The data network system and modular structure are combined to make the system control more precise, efficient, flexible and reasonable, and the most effective self-checking program is utilized, so that the elevator can fully exert its functions and improve the performance of the elevator to a more high level.

Fuji elevator pays attention to elevator safety with you. The elevator wire rope is an important safety device for the elevator. It can make the car safely lift and fall, and it plays an irreplaceable safety guarantee. Due to the complicated and diversified reasons for the broken wire of the elevator wire rope, the factors causing its problems are numerous. We must not only strengthen the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the wire rope of the elevator, but also strictly carry out the installation supervision inspection and periodic inspection in accordance with the regulations of the State Administration of Quality Supervision. Ensure that the elevator runs safely and efficiently.