Escalator Company Fuji Takes You to Know the Vacuum Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-11-06

Vacuum elevators are environmentally friendly because no energy is used (gravity is applied again) when the car is lowered. Most importantly, this revolutionary elevator is safer than stairwells and traditional elevators. In the event of a power outage, the elevator will descend to the lowest floor and automatically open. So what is the principle of a vacuum elevator? Escalator Company Fuji can explain it to you.

The vacuum hoist consists of three basic components: the elevator shaft, the vacuum elevator car and the suction device. The hoistway cylinders are transparent and the walls are made of polycarbonate curved panels, which are made of modular length for easy installation. The vacuum elevator car is made of transparent polycarbonate and is mounted on a steel frame. The airtight joint on the top of the cab ensures normal pressure and air conditions. The suction assembly is flexible and can therefore be placed or constructed in different ways. It can be mounted on the same pipe as the cab.

Air pressure is the cause of the elevator car moving up and down. If there is no air pressure, the elevator car will stay on the ground and will not move. The vacuum mechanism of such an elevator is very simple. Since air pressure is critical to elevator cars, vacuum is the main cause of low pressure and high pressure environments within the pipe. The passenger car is driven by a vacuum turbine, which means that no pulley system, gearbox or cable is required. The car moves up and down according to the air pressure inside the pipe, which is controlled by a vacuum turbine.

Traditional elevators require a lot of installation time. Your home may need to make major modifications to make room for the elevator. Traditional elevator solutions often require digging, separate machinery rooms and other major modifications. Pneumatic vacuum elevators save space and save time. Their small size ensures that they fit into almost any room, and because they are completely independent and self-sufficient, no additional construction is required. The installation of the vacuum lift is usually completed within 2-3 days after the start of the project.