Escalator Company Fuji Teach You Clean Hospital Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-23

As you know, the hospital is a place where people have very heavy traffic, so the elevator is a vital equipment that brings more convenience to patients and doctors, So, clean the hospital elevator is very important. Now, let Escalator Company - fujihd teach you clean the hospital elevator.

The cleaning of the hospital elevator includes the elevator door, the inner wall of the car, the inner compartment of the car door, the cleaning of the car floor, etc., usually cleaned with a daily cleaning agent, and daily maintenance cleaning. The cleaning of the elevator car should be carried out in the evening or when the flow of people less time, usually in the connected floor before cleaning, the operation is as follows.

Prepare the necessary tools such as rags, dry towels, buckets, cleaners, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners and so on. First to stop the elevator work, cut off the power. Wipe the wipes into a bucket with a diluted cleaning agent, pick up and dry, and wipe off the inside of the car from the top down. If the wall stained with more stubborn dirt or stains, can be wiped with a shovel or directly sprayed with a cloth after the cloth with a cloth to rub back and forth. Then, wipe with another piece of clean water soaked wipes, wring dry and wipe repeatedly. Second, with a semi-dry wet towel to wipe the elevator button and display. Car ceiling can be cleaned once a week, in addition to lighting lighting mirror and camera probe to use a semi-dry wet towel gently wipe, the other parts of the cleaning method and the car wall.

And then clean the car door inside the car, the car on the ground. First of all, with a hook to the car door inside the debris brought back, can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck the car inside the door of the dust. If the car is covered with carpet, you will need to set off the old carpet, with a semi-wet mop to drag the car ground, and then dry ground and then covered with carpet. If the car is fixed on the ground carpet, directly with a vacuum cleaner to deal with the ground sand, debris, and weekly cleaning agent with a washing machine cleaning time.

Finally, clean the hospital elevator car door, and check the finishing. Elevator car door is usually stainless steel, cleaning can use stainless steel cleaning agent, and then use a soft cotton cloth from top to bottom wipe, so that the elevator car door clean light. Cleaning work is over, should look around again to see if there is missing and cleaning is not complete, if there should be immediately make up, and ultimately told the elevator to restart the elevator.

Hope fujihd offers the hospital elevator can help more people, but also hope that you are healthy.