Escalator Company Fuji Tells You the Precautions for Purchasing an Elevator House II

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-11-02

Escalator Company Fuji tells you the precautions for purchasing an elevator house. The hydropower situation. In general, the elevator room is equipped with a water tank on the top floor. The water is first pumped to the top floor and then lowered, so that the high-rise residents will not use the water due to insufficient pressure. In addition, the configuration of the emergency generator set is also very important to ensure that the elevator can also be temporarily operated when the city is out of power.

Household structure. Most of the elevators are frame-like structures, one or two households are symmetrically arranged on one floor, so that there will be south-facing houses and north-facing houses, and some even have small rooms with east-west windows, plus some indoor partitions. The wall is cast-in-place concrete, it can't be opened, and it is not easy to change the layout of the apartment.

The number of elevators. Pay attention to the total number of households and the number of elevators in the whole building. The quality and running speed of the elevators are also very important. Under normal circumstances, more than 24 floors of housing should be 1 ladder 2 or 2 ladder 4 households.

Residential density. After confirming the safety of high-rise residential buildings, consider the housing elements such as floor plan, orientation, and ventilation. The choice of elevator floor should fully consider the comfort level after the stay. The key is to make yourself comfortable and satisfied. Second, residential density and viewing are very important. What is the quality of the high-rise, density is the key, the lower the density, the higher the quality of living; on the basis of low-density, pay attention to the observation of the landscape, especially when selecting the top or upper floors, not only pay special attention to the landscape, but also Consider the future planning of the surrounding area.