Escalator Company Meets the Customer's Requirements

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-24

Escalator Company Fujihd offer commercial elevators meets the customer's requirements! We are a company specializing in elevators, our commercial elevators are widely usedin health care centers, shopping malls, multimedia and small-scale industries.

Fujihd commercial elevators are hydraulically or electrically sized to provide lifting capacity ranging from 1,000 pounds to 6,000 pounds. 8 or lower hydraulic elevators can reach speeds of 200 ft / min. 500 feet per minute in the case of an elevator. More than ten miles of driving equipment range from 500 ft / min to 2000 ft / min. Hydraulic elevators are usually used for buildings of 2-8 floors.

Most commercial elevators have excellent safety and safety features. Provide an alarm button as a safety measure whenever an elevator fault or an external signal when the elevator is trapped. The license device also triggers an alarm when it stops for a long time.

A switch is provided to control the ventilation fan and lamp of the elevator. Some ancillary equipment is equipped with a telephone for passengers to use in case of emergency. Commercial elevators can also be controlled from the outside using the up and down buttons on each floor, and all control systems are very user friendly, and passengers can use them even in the absence of an elevator operator.

For fujihd commercial elevators designed to carry cargo, a stop switch is provided to open the elevator door for loading and unloading. The on / off button is used to instruct the elevator to open and close the door.

The fujihd elevator is a kind of intermittent action, running in the vertical direction, driven by electric power lifting equipment, in the construction equipment belonging to the machinery. Elevator room design concept is very user-friendly, especially for the elderly and car owners. This point-to-point life, with no winter summer clothing, go out without umbrella, the characteristics of the purchase of large hand, the elevator room to maximize the form of products to meet the needs of car owners.

We suggest that you can contact us for more detail information before purchasing elevator, or you can tell us your needs, we will according your needs to provide the suitable elevator for you.