Escalator Company Reminds You Of The Precautions When Taking The Escalator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 19-01-30

Always remind yourself to be safe. Some people say that I am "free", but there is often some negligence that "the coming of death" has brought us a painful lesson. At present, there are escalators in major public places, supermarkets, and subway stations. Remind the passengers to take the escalator, please grasp the stability, pay attention to safety. "Remaining on the escalator, please take good care of the support, pay attention to the safety under the foot" "Leave the escalator, please do a good job, don't yell, don't jump, don't make trouble, turn right", etc. Safety reminder voice. Let's take a look at the precautions when taking the escalator with the Escalator Company .

1. Don't be crowded when you take the escalator. Please take the escalator and help you. Fasten your laces. Avoid getting your laces caught.

2. Passengers wearing long skirts and strappy sandals when riding the escalator should stand as far as possible in the middle of the escalator to avoid a danger of shoes and clothing being caught in the escalator. Avoid getting your skirt or trousers stuck.

3. wear high-heeled shoes, do not step on the pedal gap, not wearing shoes is more likely to be pinched by the tooth plate.

4. When the passenger is on the escalator, because the side panel of the skirt leaning against the side of the escalator does not move, the foot moves with the steps, and the passenger will lose balance and fall. Especially when the passengers handcuffed a lot of packages, they could not support the handrails, and it was more likely to fall on the escalator. Therefore, passengers must stand firm when riding the escalator, and do not lean against the skirt side panels on the side of the escalator.