Escalator Company Share The 5 Most Dangerous Places On The Escalator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 19-01-18

If the adult takes the child on the escalator, be sure to hold your child, don't let the child run around; if you take the pet on the escalator, hold the pet; and don't push the non-professional stroller such as the stroller. On the escalator; do not run backward on the escalator. In addition to the above precautions, the Escalator Company specifically shared the five most dangerous places on the escalator:

1. The angle of the elevator

When you take the escalator, do you notice that there will be an angle between the escalator and the escalator and the upper floor, and there will usually be a sign of “careful encounter” hanging?

The angle between the floor and the handrail is prone to danger. If the head or arm is extended beyond the armrest, it will be impacted when it reaches the corner, and may even be taken out of the elevator and down the stairs.

2. Escalator handrail entrance

The entrance of the escalator handrail is the area where many children like to stay and play, but the handrail will run directly into the elevator through the elevator, and the child's hand is likely to get stuck at the entrance of the handrail.

When people take the elevator, they like to put their hands on the handrail belt. If the child does not care for the child, the child will always be brought to the entrance of the handrail with the handrail, and it is easy to be pinched. In addition, this danger exists when the upper and lower elevators are engaged.

3. Pedal entrance and exit gap

The pedal entrance and exit is where people step into the elevator and step out of the elevator. Although the gap between the joints is not large, there is a slight carelessness, there is a possibility of "biting".

When riding the elevator, the shoelaces are loose or the shoelace is too long, and the shoelace is easily caught in the gap of the pedal joint, causing it to fall and even the foot being wounded and injured. This situation is as dangerous for girls wearing long skirts, and too long skirts are easily caught in them.

4. Running handrails

Some children lack safety awareness and will be playing with their entire person on the handrails, which is very dangerous.

The handrails are mainly used to allow the elevator personnel to maintain their balance on the top. If the body is placed on the handrail, a relative movement will occur, which is very likely to bring people down. Therefore, when riding the elevator, try to avoid leaning back or leaning on the handrail, otherwise, it may fall down.

5. Escalator cover

In some two-way walk-behind elevators, there is an area where the outer cover is merged, and children often climb into play. This is very dangerous.

The outer cover of this area is not fixed. As the elevator runs, it will move up or down. Once it enters this area, it will move passively, which is very likely to be dangerous. Therefore, do not climb into the gap between the elevator handrails.