Escalator Company Talk Civilizational Ttiquette of the Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-07

Elevators have become an integral part of people's life. Hengda fuji is professional escalator company service for business, hotel, retail, hospital. In addition to safety issues that need our attention, elevators must not be overlooked.

Some people like to talk loudly in elevators. It is easy to leave unimpressive impressions on people. Then, how to use elevators in a civilized way, especially when taking elevators with elders and guests' bosses, what should you do? What are these

Let's take everyone together today to talk about the etiquette that you need to pay attention when you take the elevator.

The etiquette to pay attention when taking the elevator

(1) If there are many people waiting at the entrance of the elevator, do not crowd or block the entrance of the elevator at this time, so as not to hinder the people in the elevator from coming out, and the people in the elevator must be allowed to come out before they can enter. .

(2) The person nearest to the elevator first gets on the elevator and then presses the “open door” button for the person coming in. When he goes out, the person closest to the elevator goes first.

(3) In the elevator, try to stand in a “concave” shape and move out of space so that the latter can have a place to stand. After entering the elevator, the front should face towards the elevator so as to avoid face-to-face squatting. The person in front should stand on the edge and go out first if necessary so that others can go out.

When escorting guests or elders to the elevator

When the guest or the elders comes to the elevator hall, press the elevator call button first. When there is only one person, you can press the open door with your hand to let the guests or elders be advanced. If there are many people, you should advanced the elevator, hold the switch, and let other people enter the elevator.

After entering the elevator, press the floor button for the guest or the elder to go. If other people enter the elevator during the journey, they can take the initiative to ask to go to a few floors to help press. Whether the visual condition in the elevator is chilly, for example: when there is no other person, you can do a little chilling. When an outsider or other colleague is present, you may decide whether it is necessary to chill or not. As far as possible in the elevator to face the guests.

To reach the destination floor, hold down the door open button, and then use the other hand to make the request. You can say: "Yes, you please!". As soon as guests step out of the elevator, they immediately step out of the elevator and guide the direction of the journey with enthusiasm.