Escalator Factory Fuji Offer Car Elevator (2 Types)

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-10

The professional Escalator Factory - FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. are strongly commitment to safety and work closely with the people who rely on our products for safe and smooth transport as they go about their day. One way we promote safety is by organizing annual events that give people the opportunity to get to know how elevators and escalators operate and how to use them safely.

The car elevator is a special fujihd car elevator to solve the problem of vertical transport of vehicles. Its standard load is 3000KG, 5000KG. The speed is 0.25-0.5m / s. As an important car vertical transport, compared with the traditional car ramp, car elevators can save 80% of the building area and more than twice the turnover rate of the car.

Car elevator is called a non-commercial car elevator according to the GB7024-2008 "elevator, escalator, moving walkway terminology", defined as "the car is suitable for carrying small passenger car elevator", in the special equipment directory belongs to the freight elevator Species. It have been more and more widely used in the car 4S shop, maintenance workshop, the roof set up a large parking lot shopping malls, supermarkets.

At present, the professional escalator manufacturer - FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. offer two kinds of car elevators which are widely used.

(1) Hydraulic car elevator. It is safe and reliable, easy to set up the advantages of the room in the low-rise buildings occupy a place. Among them, many have designed specifically for the car, and some also optional installed optoelectronic door system, which is more suitable for the cars.

(2) traction car elevator. In China's cities, most of the car elevator still maintains the traditional traction-type. This type of elevator developed from the traction ladle occupy a certain market share with its mature technology and the advantages of low cost,.

In the context of the growing size of the modern city, for the passenger car service car elevator also has broad prospects for development. In contrast, the traction type car elevator from the traditional traction cargo ladder technology developed at this stage can basically meet the needs of modern urban three-dimensional development, but in the long run, hydraulic car elevator layout is convenient and energy saving , More able to adapt to the future development trend of car lifts.

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