Escalator Factory Fujihd Enhances Safety and Perfect Maintenance

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-22

How should elevator users weigh the cost of maintenance and return? This is an interesting phenomenon: if the users do more effective maintenance service, maintenance users are less easy to notice the effect of the service, it has less effect directly reflected in the elevator - fault and the quick fix telephone number. Still, today, more and more building property managers are beginning to focus on how to benefit from the choice of good service. Because they realize that the good maintenance services they get from the right inputs can give them valuable rewards.

Good maintenance services can prevent many unplanned repairs. If necessary, most of the repair costs are covered in the service contract; cooperate with a good maintenance unit, and when necessary, the technical status of the elevator can be improved to meet the changing business needs; good maintenance services bring greater security. Although the elevator can't never fails, but good service as much as possible adjust elevator systems in place, when need to replace the worn parts in time, and to ensure that when necessary test safety regulations.

A good elevator maintenance service needs to have the following four elements :(1) to prevent the occurrence of elevator failure by relying on scientific and rigorous preventive maintenance procedures; (2) quick response, that is, when the elevator needs emergency services, it can be timely provided; (3) to find and solve difficult problems in time by relying on technical information and reserve resources; (4) continuous improvement, namely, regular review of the elevator's health status and use requirements and seeking improvement.

The basis of any good elevator maintenance procedure is prevention. For the user, the most basic goal is to be able to operate when the elevator is needed. Therefore, elevator maintenance unit should use preventive maintenance work process, and the process of design must ensure that the elevator parts to inspection before normal wear and tear resulting in failure of the elevator, adjustment, lubrication and replacement. The service life of the other parts of the elevator varies with the use of frequency and the use of the environment. Therefore, good elevator maintenance procedures need to be adjusted for those changes.

Escalator Factory Fujihd elevator includes preventive maintenance program based on the time of working process. We enhance the safety of Fuji products and services through rigorous attention to our design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance processes.