Escalator Factory Fujihd to Ensure High Safety Standards

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-26

Although the elevator accident is inevitable, elevators are considered one of the safest ways of transportation. The professional escalator factory - FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. offer high quality elevators is safe transportation. Escalator Factory Fujihd to Ensure High Safety Standards!

With extremely low unpleasant accident rates, elevators are considered the most convenient solution for safe floor to floor transportation in multi-storey buildings. With the growing demand for elevators, manufacturers offer elevators with more safe and functional features.

Different types of lift including elevator, lift stage, vehicle lift, ship lift, aircraft elevator, residential elevator, mute, handrails, scissor lifts, rack pinion lifts, conveying belt and belt elevator etc.. Among them, residential elevators, limited use / limited applications, elevators and commercial elevators are usually used.

Emergency lights, alarm, emergency stop switch, a programmable logic controller, power supply cabinet door lock, safety switch, manual system; safety interlocking doors, uninterruptible power supply, safety sensors, handrails, adequate lighting, safety door, safety device and telephone cable.

The speed detecting device in the elevator ensures that the elevator does not exceed speed when traveling in the downward direction. There are emergency buttons, such as emergency alarms and walkie talkie / telephone buttons, so that the user can contact the building manager in an emergency. Most elevators are interlocked with special doors to prevent doors from opening between floors. In addition, excellent safety measures ensure that the elevator does not move unless the two doors are closed and locked. Some lifts have armrests to help old people or people with disabilities. In addition, there is a device in the door that stops closing. If someone gets stuck, force it to reopen. These functions make the elevator safe.

Elevator damage is minimal and can be avoided: Is the elevator a safe means of transportation? Yes, it is. Elevator injuries, may be due to two factors. The first is equipment failure or maintenance error. Since most elevators meet the highest safety standards, these things are quite rare. Another reason for elevator injuries is rider error. With care, you can avoid elevator damage and maximize the use of this convenient vehicle.

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