Escalator Factory Shares Lift Fault Protection Measures

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-09

Elevator failure, stop running

1. Calmness: Keep calm, do not take drastic actions, such as chaos, etc., adjust breathing, inhale and exhale as smoothly and slowly as possible,

try to press the door open button.

2. For help: use the phone or walkie-talkie in the elevator to contact the outside world, but also press the bell alarm on the dial. If the mobile

phone has a signal, the trapped person can dial 119 and ask the firefighter for help. In addition, you can scream at the door, or take off your

shoes and take a hard shot to promptly transmit the distress signal.

3. Waiting for rescue: When a professional comes to the rescue, he must follow the direction of rescue workers and cooperate with rescue operations

to ensure safety.

4. Please do not use your hand or body to prevent the elevator door from opening or closing when you are safe in the elevator. Do not jump in the

elevator, do not use rough behavior on the elevator, such as using the pedal car walls or hit with a tool. You must not smoke in elevators.

Elevators have a certain function of identifying smoke. Smoking in elevators is likely to cause elevators to mistakenly think that they are caught

in the fire and they are locked automatically.

The best protection measures for the fall of the elevator

1. Press each button to press each floor button. Keep balance as much as possible. Hold the child in your arms when you have children. If there is

an emergency power source, it can be pressed immediately. After the emergency power source starts, the elevator can immediately stop falling.

2. If there is a handle in the elevator, one hand grips the handle in a fixed position to prevent falling.

3. The entire back and head are in close contact with the inner wall of the door and are in a straight line. The wall is used as a spine protection.

4. The knee is in a bent position, and the knee bends to withstand heavy blow pressure.

5. Lift the heel and show his lame position.


1. When taking the elevator, if you find that the elevator is running abnormally or there is coke and smell in the elevator, you should disable and

inform the maintenance personnel in time, and place warning signs at the elevator.

2. Do not ride "overage" and elevators that do not meet the standard of use.

3. Parents should educate their children on how to properly ride the elevator and how to respond when an elevator accident occurs.

4. Do not go around in the elevator and don't push each other when you go up and down the elevator.

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