Escalator Factory Teach You Choose the Pssenger Lift

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-28

Passenger Lift is designed to provide safe, smooth and reliable ground-to-ground transport of multi-storey buildings. Passenger Lift are ideal for small-scale and large-scale industries, educational institutions, multinational corporations, shopping malls, compound medical centers, airports, places of worship, hotels, metro stations, museums and parking. So how to choosing the right passenger lift for your buildings?In Escalator Factory - Fujihd Teach You Choose the Pssenger Lift article, you will find the answer。

Need to pay attention to before buying several points: First, to determine the location of the building, followed by determining the flow of people, the third is to consider the waiting time, the fourth is to determine the speed and load capacity of the elevator.

In terms of safety, we must consider whether bi-directional safety requirements, followed by the buffer form, the third is how to carry out after the power outage.

Based on this calculation, you can divide your building height by the speed of your choice. Followed by the determination of the flow of people: In general, the traffic office, so the elevator needs to consider from the collective control, the number and speed of elevators to meet the needs of comprehensive consideration; hotel generally adopts the method of parallel collective management, but also to consider the number of rooms and Star hotel standards. The following two below the Samsung General parallel basically meet the demand.

As offices and hotels are in operation, there is a need to consider the energy savings and safety of elevator products. Passenger Lift in front of passenger lifts in the country meet the 2.5M / S requirements, which means that if the high-end office is 90 meters, the following requirements are met. The hotel can also meet the requirements of the following 15-level, 4-star hotels.

Energy-efficient elevators are important to the operating management company and typically save one-third of the electricity consumed by traditional elevators. As the passenger elevator than the residential elevator, so decoration must have requirements, the general car with stainless steel etching, 1.2M can also be different from the following decoration. The first floor of the general standard is the French stainless steel standard, then the first floor of the passenger elevator and car decoration is better. Passenger elevator floors, generally used as doors, are the choices of most customers.

Is the so-called shop than three, you can always find the product you want, or you can contact us, tell us your needs, prices, we hengda fujihd will provide you with your passenger elevator