Escalator Factory Tell You The Operation Method of Escalator

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The advantages of escalators
1. Continuously carry a large number of people's flow performance, which is suitable for large-scale public buildings with such characteristics of

people flow, such as large shopping malls.
2. They can be individually arranged to be uplink or downlink, and they can also be arranged to be uplink and downlink.
3. It is not necessary to install the engine room on the top of the building and consider the buffer pit at the bottom, and it takes up less space

than the elevator.
4. In the event of a failure, the escalator can be used as an ordinary stairway, unlike the elevator, where failures occur and the use of the

break-down has weaknesses.

Escalator operation method
1. Before each normal escalator driving, the management personnel should:

1) Turn on the escalator power and turn on the lighting of the banister on both sides of the escalator.
2) Before starting normal work every day, the escalator must be driven one cycle up and down to observe if there is any abnormality.
3) Check and test the external safety switch, stop button, etc. that can be seen with the eyes.
4) Clean ladder steps, combs, floor plates, and passenger visibility.

2. Points to be noted by the management when the escalator is traveling normally:
1) The carrying capacity of escalators should not exceed the rated capacity of escalators.
2) It is not allowed to use the escalator as cargo.
3) It is not allowed to ship flammable or explosive dangerous goods; in case of special circumstances, it must be approved by relevant departments

and safety protection measures must be taken.
4) Do not allow children to run, play, or sit on pedals.
5) Advise passengers not to help and lie on the handrail.
6) Persuade passengers to hold the handrail when taking the escalator.
7) Advise passengers not to stand still on the upper or lower platen.

3. When the escalator has the following failures, the management immediately twists the emergency stop and informs the maintenance personnel in

1) When the escalator is started with the start key switch and the escalator fails to start normally;
2) When there is a significant change in operating speed;
3) Abnormal noise, large vibration and shock;
4) Press to touch any metal part when there is electric shock phenomenon;
5) When the electrical part emits a pungent odor due to overheating.

4. When the escalator is used up, the management staff speaks that the escalator stops. And place the placards that are no longer used on the floor

above and below the platform

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