Escalator manufacturer Fujihd (Main Components of Elevator)

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-01

People often use elevators in their life, and the competition in the elevator industry is fierce. Huzhou hengda fuji as an excellent escalator manufacturer in China, It also attaches great importance to the research of this industry market, especially the development environment of the company and the needs of customers, so it can become an outstanding domestic elevator brand and provide customers with safer and more reliable products.

The main components of the China elevator are: car, drag machine, door system, electrical system, and hoistway components. The middle doors and car doors are to prevent the items and personnel fall, is a very important safety facilities, general commercial elevators and industrial elevators, these are the most basic components, is safeguards. When you take the elevator must pay attention to observe these details, because often the accident is because these details are not noticed.

Elevator door from the installation location to be divided into two kinds, installed at the entrance to the shaft landing layer door, installed in the car entrance for the car door. Floors and car doors in accordance with the structure can be divided into sub-sub-door, next door, vertical sliding door, hinged door. In the fractional door is mainly used in passenger elevators, side-by-side doors in the freight elevators and sickbed ladder is more common, vertical sliding doors are mainly used for debris elevators and large car lifts. Hinge door less used in the country, adopted more in foreign residential ladder. Let's take a look at the elevator door length and width of the standard size is how much?

When the elevator is in operation, the angle of inclination needs to be less than 15 °. Therefore, the size and structure of the elevator door require special consideration and design so that the goods can be transported conveniently. The elevator door size is generally based on the weight to be determined. Specific height also need to be determined according to the car. The size of the door is also based on the width and height of the elevator door to determine the height of the different counterparts corresponding to the middle door size is not the same, which is a certain conversion standard.