Escalator manufacturer Tell you How to Run House Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-01

China house elevators are stationary lifting conveyors used in high-rise buildings. They have a passenger-carrying car that runs between floors at a vertical or inclined rail angle of less than 15 °. Currently manned elevators are computer-controlled intelligent, automated equipment, do not require specialized personnel to operate the driver, as long as ordinary passengers ride the following procedures and operation of the elevator can be.

In the elevator landing floor, according to their need to go up or down, press the arrow button up or down, as long as the button lights, it shows that your call has been recorded, just wait for the arrival of the elevator can be. After the elevator arrives and opens the door, let the members of the car go out of the elevator first, and then the elevator passengers enter the elevator car again.

After entering the car, according to the floor you need to reach, press the corresponding digital button on the control panel in the car. Similarly, as long as the button light, you have selected layer has been recorded; at this time without any other action, as long as the elevator arrived at your destination floor can be docked. After the elevator travels to your destination level, it will automatically open the door. At this moment, it will end a boarding process by going out of the elevator in sequence.

According to the normal aesthetic standards, the optional China house elevator needs to be integrated with the existing building and the surrounding environment to make it a part of the building. Do not create an overly strong contrast. Only safe products, people can rest assured that safety is undoubtedly the most important consideration to buy a China house elevator.

Many traditional housee elevators require deep pits, which require a pit to be built at house. If you do not want to dig a pit, you can choose a pitless elevator or a current house elevator with a minimum pit of 50mm. In general, elevator integrated hoist does not require any civil works, depending on the choice of house elevator, not its own axis.

The latter part of elevator consumption is mainly maintenance and repair. A clear understanding of elevator maintenance costs and costs, as well as the useful life, can reduce some unnecessary expenses.

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