Escalator Supplier Fujihd Keep Children in Safe

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-16

FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. is a professional Escalator Supplier, we offer different typs of elevators/escalators. Our escalator are used in supermarket to shopping mall, even some office buildings etc.

Because every year, countless children are injured in escalators such as shopping malls, airports and supermarkets. Therefore, it is very necessary to find ways to ensure the safety of children riding escalators.

Well, a majority of injuries were caused while the child was not holding his/her parent’s hand. And if running, walking, or sitting on the stairs when riding a escalator, it is more likely let the accident happened. Therefore, supervise children properly when riding a escalator is a great responsibility for parents and guardians.

What is more, stepping off the escalator is also a high-incident time, whether the children ride properly or not. So in order to keep the children in safe, parents should monitor them all the time. It is a wise behavior to hold your child’s hands when stepping off the escalator at the end of the ride. And children should not be allowed to run or jump on the stairs, ride on the handrails when on a escalator.

There are some common accidents of children escalator injuries: blunt-force trauma from a fall, extremity entrapment, upper and lower extremity injuries, lacerations, avulsions, amputations, and digit fractures. Nevertheless, with cautious precautions, these horrific trauma can effectively be avoided from your children.

On the other hand, falls and entanglement are two high levels accidents. Because of children’s curious of nature and lack of attention span, they can always in danger without parents’ supervision. However, sometimes, even with appropriate supervision, some accidents are unavoidable, for these instances, no one should be blamed.

Besides, many of the reported injuries were sustained due to negligent maintenance, faulty equipment, and hazardous conditions in the environment. And the risk of a escalator rises dramatically if it maintained inadequately. This is the property owners’ duty to proper maintain the escalators to ensure the safety of their guests and patrons.

So choose a professional escalator supplier is important.