Escalator Supplier Fujihd Offer A Special Type of Lift

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-17

The professional escalator supplier - fujihd offer different types of elevators/escalators. Recently, A Special Type of Lift from Escalator Supplier (fujihd) - moving walkway is very popular with people.

Superior performance of moving walk (that from escalator supplier - fujihd)

Compact structure, ease strain: Short pallets can greatly reduce span span, which can flexibly fits the building structure and save the construction space for the customer, it comprises H version (horizontal). I version (incline) and c version (compact) which can let the customer have a free choice on his original layout.

Conform to quality/safety standard: slip-free grooves on pallet surface have an excellent slip-proof function which makes the ride save and comfortable. Slightly inclined combs can make trolleys easily get on an doff. HENGDA FUJI Elevator machine with complete protecting function runs smoothly and drives efficiently. Advanced microcomputer controlling system can fully monitor the running status of the moving walk.

Stable and reliable investment:The pallet directly connecting with the chain which makes the running more smoothly and quietly, thus the service life is extended and its maintenance can be easily conducted. Special designed big wheel handrail drive runs in low noise and big power, which improves the running condition of handrail, ts life is hence prolonged. Unique tube structure has a big load capacity, which greatly improves the overall stability and service life.

Colorful decoration: various styled handrails can meet personal demand In different environments, beautiful stainless steel floor plate has a three-dimension effect, inner and outer decking adopts stainless steel.

Incomparable economical: The moving walk fully utilizes advanced manufacturing process, greatly improves product performance and service life, the most direct result is that the operation cost of the customer is reduced. The optional VF drive technology yields great energy-saving,reducing the running cost to the maximum.

A moving walkway is a large conveyor belt upon which people are propelled forward, and sometimes upward. These walkways are frequently seen in airports, lessening the distance one must walk to get from one area of a large airport to another. Similar to the moving walkway is the escalator, which saves climbing stairs. A moving walkway differs from the escalator because even when it ascends, it does not feature the staircase style of the escalator.