Escalator Supplier Offer Baby Take Escalator Safety Guide

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-06-05

Today, elevators have become an indispensable tool for our convenient life, but at the same time convenient and accidental accidents are often astonishing. Especially the baby's safety accident is even more worrying. Here are some elevator safety instructions given by escalator supplier - hengda fuji, let us learn together.

The enthusiasm of the baby on the elevator is as high as climbing a slide. Especially if there are not many pedestrians in the elevator, running, jumping, or even chasing chills may happen from time to time. These behaviors are very dangerous. Parents should teach their children how to take the elevator properly in case of need.

Baby under 2 years old, coordination is not very good, walking instability, parents should take the baby to take the elevator; older baby, parents must hold hands together with the baby, grab the handle, try not to walk while standing, and do not put the foot Put it on the edge of the plug to avoid pinching the danger. Do not cause tragedy due to negligence, do not let the baby go first, while accompanied by the best.

Taking the escalator, these five places are the most prone to accidents. Parents should pay attention to:

1, Skirt panel and rung clearance.

Many babies are accidentally caught in an accident. This is where the foot is clamped. According to national regulations, the sum of the gap between the skirt and the ladder must not exceed 7 mm.

2, handrails.

Some babies are more curious, see the rotating handrails, curiosity to drive to touch, put the little finger deep in the gap, so very easy to be pinched, and the angle between the handrail and the ground may also cause children hurt.

3, between the upper and lower steps of the comb plate.

Do not underestimate the combs between the upper and lower ladders. When the comb plate is intact, it is safe, but once the teeth of the comb are gone, the gap between the two teeth will become bigger and bigger. Baby It's relatively small. If you just step on the gap between the teeth, it's likely to get caught in your toes.

4, step and ground junctions.

The accident happened in this place is not once, the general accidents occurred in the supermarket, if the combination of the ladder and the ground, the shopping cart card mark, is likely to cause the cart to roll over, the back of the person is naturally also turned upside down. And if the gap between the elevator and the ground becomes longer, the sole of the sandal may be caught in the gap and may even pinch off the toes.

5, "triangular area" (triangular area formed by handrail and the previous floor).

"Triangle area" is also a frequent accident area, this area is very easy to get stuck in the baby's neck, so businesses should hang here, "carefully meet", "Please take care of children away from the edge of the steps", "Do not climb to play" and other tips And warning signs.

Take escalator parents should pay attention to:

1) The baby is small. Many parents choose to hold children when they are riding escalators. In fact, this is an incorrect practice. If the baby is too small, parents should choose to do the lift. Even if they are riding an escalator, parents must hold their children in hand to help their handrails and pay attention to safety.

2) Remind parents to take care of their children's numbers while they are away, and guard against children running around, not to let children play in these areas.

3) In the event of an unfortunate accident, the parents should report to the police at the first time.