Escalator Supplier Offer Guide ot Installation of Passenger Lift

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-14

Elevators and escalators are among the safest modes of travel. The professional Escalator Supplier - FUJIHD is actively involved in the development of codes and standards that aim to further improve the safety of the equipment. We also promote safety through our participation in industry trade associations. Fujihd passenger lifting is widely used in various public buildings, such as supermarkets, theaters, airports, cinemas and so on.

First of all, let’s have a look at the escalator components that will needed in the building process. Generally, the basic components include drive gear, electric motor, inner rail, return rail, chain guide, hand rail, hand rail drive, and steps.

The first step of building a passenger lifting is to find a place for it. You know, escalators can transfer more people up shorter distances. So it wouldn't make much sense to have an escalator based at the bottom of a building go up to 100 floors. And extra room is always figured into original building plans. Also enough room is needed for the drive gear and electric motor at the top of where the escalator will be placed, and a return wheel gear at the bottom. passenger lifting steps usually aren't less than 3 feet wide.

As a rule, the electric motor moves the drive gear, which in turn moves the rest of the machine. Therefore, a belt from the motor to the drive gear is of upmost important. It can be said that without the belt, nothing else would work.

Then, two belt rails must be looped around both the drive gear and the return gear. They must be able to hold all the steps. And the steps are placed on the rails and follow them around from top to bottom. A chain is put through the steps to help guide them along the rails.

Basically, rails must be placed so that the steps will remain level for passengers. This can be done by using triangle shaped steps. At the bottom and top of the escalator ,the rails must be placed so the steps level off to make it easier for the passenger to enter and exit the escalator.

In addition, passenger lifting must have a handrail for safety, which can be installed easily. It uses the same drive gear as the escalator itself, so the handrail and steps travel at the same speed. To install a handrail drive, a belt needs to be looped from the handrail drive to the gear drive, and another belt will go along the handrail drive. This is the actual handrail. They need to be large enough for a passenger to grip the entire way up. What’s more, the handrail also needs to be along a track parallel with the steps. It's usually put on a wall next to the steps, high enough so that passengers are comfortable holding on to it.

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