Escalator Supplier Share Emergency Response when Taking Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-14

The elevator door cannot be closed. After entering the elevator, if the elevator door cannot be completely closed automatically, pressing the door closing button cannot be completely closed. At this time, the passenger should immediately exit the elevator and change to another elevator or take the stairs. If it is convenient, repair the maintenance department of the elevator. .

Being locked in the elevator. Passengers in the elevator, regardless of the reasons for the elevator to stop or not start, and can not automatically open the door, passengers should keep calm at this time, do not take any hasty actions (for example, knock or knock off the ceiling of the elevator ceiling The upper safety window climbs outwards, etc.) The correct approach is: (1) Press the alarm button on the control panel in the elevator continuously.

At this moment, the elevator bell will ring, and the people outside the elevator will immediately know the inside of the elevator. People, immediately seek professional security personnel to deal with. (2) Pick up the telephone on the control panel inside the elevator and dial the assistance according to the above prompts; or press the telephone button on the control panel to call the police for help. At present, the telephones in the elevator elevator are all connected with the computer room and the duty room. There will be someone answering the call. (3) Personnel in the elevator should wait for outside professionals to come to the rescue. When a professional comes to a rescue, he must be able to follow the command of the rescue personnel and follow the rescue personnel's actions by telephone or shouting to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Emergency response when riding an escalator. In the lower part of the entrance and exit of the escalator, there are two red buttons marked with “stop”. If there are people falling on the escalator, or when the articles such as the finger and the heel are pinched, etc., Call the person at both ends of the escalator and immediately press the "Stop" button to immediately stop the escalator. At the end of an escalator, on duty staff or general passengers, if an emergency situation is found, the “Stop” button should be immediately pressed to avoid further injury. The professional Escalator Supplier - FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd takes customers safety as the first thing into consideration. Choose us, and we give you the reliable and safe elevators.