Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-05-02

In today’s new-construction and modernization environment, it’s all about compressing time to save money and idealizing space to achieve maximized rental revenues. “The less space our elevators occupy, the more space the building owners have available to rent, and the more quickly and cost efficiently we can deliver these space-saving products, the more competitive and, therefore, happier, are our customers.”

Responding to these market realities has meant seeking ways to reduce elevator shaft size, while remaining code compliant, an industry challenge most recently addressed via the elimination of the elevator machine and controller rooms and substitution of a machine-room-less (MRL) elevator system. Throughout the building structure, today’s MRL units effectively move the mechanical lifting mechanisms and electronic controller systems into the shaft. And, as all space occupied by today’s modern elevator mechanical and electronic systems has already been reduced to optimize rentable square footage for the building owner, the industry, now in a quest for even further space savings, is turning its attention to the elevator system’s architectural components.

As time has passed, and both the commercial and residential real-estate environments have continued to evolve, the concept of modernization has itself evolved to consider two very modern concerns: saving time and saving the planet. There is a variety of circumstances under which elevator modernization may come into play. Owners of older buildings are increasingly “elevating” the looks of their cabs and entrances to compete for tenants with the many new, architecturally driven structures constantly joining the landscape. For similar reasons, some owners are completely emptying and rehabilitating entire properties, turning them into virtually new construction projects. Catastrophic events such as floods and fires that damage or destroy existing elevators also present the opportunity to introduce new looks and features as part of rehabilitation. And, in these and similar cases, minimizing the time it takes to be able to have or restore the use of functioning elevators is a major advantage on several levels.

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