Fuji Elevator Factory Share Knowledge About Communication Buttons In The Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 19-02-27

When we take the elevator, we will observe that there is a communication button inside the elevator. Today, we will go to the Fuji  Elevator Factory  to learn about the communication button.

The communication button is used for alarms and reminders of the management. Pressing the other party's bell will ring, similar to the doorbell.


Under normal circumstances, the safety performance of an elevator with reasonable design, installation and timely maintenance is guaranteed, but it does not rule out special circumstances or the possibility of failure. If you happen to catch up, as long as you calm down and deal with it in the right way, the problem will naturally be solved.


Two common types of failures:

First, when you encounter a power outage or shut you down in the elevator due to a malfunction, you can cause the elevator management unit to pay attention by continuously pressing the alarm bell, or contact the manager through the telephone in the car. Then wait for the rescue.


Second, when the elevator runs out of control and speeds up, you should keep calm and prepare yourself for self-protection of the elevator topping or bottoming. The method is to naturally squat, heel lift, toe support, hand-held car, body back close to the car On the wall of the car, remember not to open the car door in an attempt to jump out of the car, which will increase the risk factor.