Fuji Elevator Manufacturer Answers What Is A High Quality Villa Elevator

Author:FUJIHD Elevator Co.,Ltd. PUblish Time: 18-12-01

Today, many villa elevators focus on high quality, but the quality is not so eye-catching. We need some substantial things to support, so what features can support these high quality villa elevators? The fuji Elevator Manufacturer  below will come to you for your answer.

The quality of the villa elevator. Test reports and certificates that meet national standards.

No matter how good or good the elevator products are, it is obviously unacceptable if it does not meet the minimum national standards. If the customer buys such a product, even the local official inspection can not pass, how to put it into use, only the elevator product can be placed there, it is flashy.

Provides third-party measurement data on elevator vibration and noise.

Comparing the vibration and noise values ​​of all similar products of the bidding elevator company, it can be clearly seen which company has better comfort. It also reflects the elevator company's design capabilities from the side. Of course, this article also depends on the quality of the elevator product manufacturing and the quality of the installation. If the product of the elevator company participating in the bidding is perfectly designed, there are various defects in the production process, or there are many deficiencies in the installation process, which often leads to unsatisfactory test data.

Elevator energy consumption level and certificate. The elevator is a large-scale energy-consuming equipment, the power often exceeds several kilowatts, and the working frequency is very high; for the owner, this part of the power supply cost is also a cost that cannot be ignored. At present, the state requires energy conservation and emission reduction, and many household appliances have already added the energy consumption level of the products. As a large-scale power-consuming device, the elevator should theoretically also be accompanied by energy consumption levels.